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Executive Director, Elizabeth Griswold, speaks to National Post Radio on Fee Increase

Executive Director, Elizabeth Griswold, discussing the newly implemented fee increase singling out bottled water producers on the National Post's The Talk radio show with Anthony Furey hosted on Sirius XM.
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Canadian Bottled Water Association Flatly Rejects Wynne Government's Massive Fee Increase For Water Taking Permits

The Canadian Bottled Water Association strongly rejects yesterday's announcement by the Ontario government that beginning August 1, 2017, water bottlers will pay $503.71 for every million litres of groundwater taken.
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When Government Plays the Game, Who is the Referee?

The challenges facing the bottled water industry in Ontario are significant.
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Open Letter to Premier Wynne

Further to our letter to you dated January 4th to which we have yet to receive a reply, we are writing to express our concerns about the process that your government has embarked upon with respect to bottled water in Ontario.
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Latest Poll on Canada’s Bottled Water Industry Sheds New Light on Consumer Attitudes and Misguided Government Regulations

Majority of Ontarians Support Bottled Water and Reject Premier Wynne’s Singling Out of the Bottled Water Industry for Increased Fees
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